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About Us

Fitness Advantage Trainer is owned and operated by Jaime Wooten, a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and corporate wellness consultant.  She specializes in pre and post-natal health, lifestyle coaching, and yoga for expecting mothers, children, athletes, and seniors.


Train in the comfort of your own home or join one of our group boot camp classes, either in our studio or virtually via a live web video feed.

Jaime Wooten



"I started this company more than 18 years ago so I could follow my passion of helping people enjoy a higher quality of life.  There is so much more to being healthy than just exercise, and I strive to share my enthusiasm for nutrition, meditation, yoga, and a greater awareness of our environment. 


What we put into our bodies can effect not just how we look on the outside, but how we act feel as well.


My approach to your health goes beyond exercise alone, although I do love dishing out an old fashioned butt-kicking every now and then!"

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