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At-Home Personal Training

The at-home training method brings the trainer to your location whether home or office.  Your trainer will bring the gym to you. Their mobile gym is outfitted with free weights, exercise balls, bands, benches, yoga mats, and other personalized equipment.

Have your own equipment? Then your trainer can help you maximize your time and results by creating a personalized program to achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home,

Have a work-out buddy? Help keep each other on track and share the cost of a personal trainer. The key to this training method is to select someone to train with you that are equally responsible and dedicated to your fitness program.

Click Here: Client On-Line Training Log-in & Demo

Corporate Wellness Consulting & On-site Classes


•  Plan design & implementation

•  Customized Company Wellness Newsletters

• On-site group exercise and personal training services

•  Relaxation Yoga Sessions


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